Your Rich Uncle Has Arrived!

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We are offering an EXCLUSIVE SYSTEM that is not available anywhere else.


We have a system just for RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE INVESTORS who still want to get rich on “Fix & Flip” Deals.

NO more do you have to worry about having Good Credit – NOT REQUIRED

Gone are the days of having to put down 30% or more– NO MONEY DOWN REQUIRED

WE have a SOLUTION for YOU!

That’s right!

YOUR RICH UNCLE has arrived and he’s waiting to give YOU your inheritance — $500,000!!

NO more jumping through hoops to qualify for an investment loan.

NO more using your own money to fix properties and patiently waiting for them to sell so you can recoup what you’ve invested in them.

NO more waiting month after month hoping that the investment that you just plunked down thousands of dollars for will sell so you can pull out your profits.

Those days are gone!

We have a SOLUTION for you to use YOUR RICH UNCLE’S MONEY$500,000–to not only buy the property BUT to also FIX the property!!

With this RICH UNCLE SYSTEM, you can get back to investing in real estate WITHOUT having to use your own credit or your own money.

Your RICH UNCLE will take care of everything for you!

He has only ONE REQUEST: Have your deal ready!

Be sure that when you claim your inheritance from your RICH UNCLE that you have a deal or two or three ready for him, because he will NOT tolerate slackers. You must come to the table ready to work!

Your RICH UNCLE has been gracious enough to let you join his inner circle — a world where you do NOT need to have good credit AND you do NOT need to have money to invest in residential real estate.

All your RICH UNCLE requests is that you have a deal ready to go!

This is the #1 Rich Uncle “Fix & Flip” Real Estate Investment Program With No Money & No Credit Required!

This RICH UNCLE SYSTEM is about giving YOU the ability to be head and shoulders above all of the other Real Estate Investors looking to do “Fix & Flips” in residential real estate.

If your personal credit is shot, if you’ve been wiped out financially, but know how to spot a great residential real estate deal that you can fix and flip for some serious cash, then this Exclusive System is for YOU!

This is truly a Unique System that ANYONE can use who wants be a REAL ESTATE INVESTOR with NO MONEY and NO CREDIT!

This is a new and exciting, One of A Kind System NEVER before offered.

We are the #1 Business Consulting Company providing Real Estate Investors a unique opportunity to get back in the game of Residential “Fix & Flips” WITHOUT having to qualify with credit or money.

We work with Real Estate Investors all of the time.

As a matter of fact, we’ve recently worked with a real estate investor who was desperate. He wanted to get back into the “fix & flip” business, but he couldn’t because he didn’t have the 30% to put down and the extra money to fix the property he found. Nor did he have the 700 FICO that the lender told him that he needed to qualify for the loan. So he thought he was out of luck altogether.

Well, we talked for a bit. He told us what his goals were and what he had available to make it happen. Because we work with over 300 private investors on a regular basis, we knew there had to be something we could do to help him reach his goal.

Well, there was! We knew about a reputable private investor that has a unique program for a guy like him. We packaged everything together that he needed in order to “qualify” for the investor’s program. This client had been chomping at the bit for weeks because he found at least three properties where he knew this system would work but didn’t know how to implement it.

Well, that’s where we came in. With this system, we were able to show him how he could get those three properties with NO MONEY and NO CREDIT down. All he had to do was present the properties to the RICH UNCLE. Uncle puts up the money for the purchase and renovation of the property and they split the profits!

Talk about a SWEET DEAL!

Wouldn’t you like to be like our friend here?

Well, YOU CAN!

If you can’t see how this will benefit you and put you ahead of all of the other Real Estate Investors out there, then we don’t know what will.

With this EXCLUSIVE System, neither MONEY nor CREDIT are obstacles to you getting back on track to being a true REAL ESTATE INVESTOR.

With this system, you’re able to “Fix & Flip” Properties without having to worry about MONEY or CREDIT.

This is NOT about hype or gimmicks. This is a tried and true, PROVEN SYSTEM that works!

This is a true GAME CHANGER!

What do you have to lose by acting on this RARE opportunity? Wealth, Money, The Ability to Build Up Your Real Estate Portfolio–we could go on, but we don’t want to hurt your feelings too badly.

In this economy, everyone is looking for a SECOND CHANCE and an opportunity to get back on their feet. Most real estate investors have been hammered in a bad way.

They’ve lost LOTS of money because the real estate market tanked so they don’t have the capital to invest in all of these great deals that surround them.

Real estate investors have also seen their personal credit scores PLUMMET to startlingly low numbers that they didn’t know existed. That happens when you have to walk away from real estate that is underwater.

Many believe that they can never be back on top and think that their chance to get current properties at great deals are out of the question.

You may think that you will lose out on getting real estate at these rock bottom low prices.

Well, that’s NOT the case with the RICH UNCLE SYSTEM.

This SYSTEM was created just for YOU.

With the RICH UNCLE SYSTEM, you are able to join the rest of the privileged few who are still able to invest in residential real estate WITHOUT any CREDIT or MONEY!

In fact, this is the best time to accept your inheritance from your RICH UNCLE.

Housing prices are lower than ever before. So what does that mean for YOU?


YES! That means there is a great OPPORTUNITY for you to snatch up those residential properties that you’ve been waiting to Fix & Flip.

And the best part about it?

You can do it WITHOUT any MONEY or CREDIT!

With this RICH UNCLE SYSTEM, YOU find the property, bring it to the Rich Uncle, and he supplies the money and the credit and you SPLIT the PROFITS!

How wonderful is that?

Where else can you find an opportunity like this during these very tough economic times?


With this PROVEN SYSTEM, you get to:

  • fix and flip properties with NO MONEY DOWN and good credit is NOT required
  • use $500,000 of your “Rich Uncle’s” money to purchase, fix and flip residential properties with NO MONEY out of your pocket. This is NOT a loan so there are NO monthly paymentsNO debt service
  • locate the best deals around and bring them to your “Rich Uncle” to buy, rehab and to finally flip
  • split profits with your RICH UNCLE – the split is in YOUR favor – starting at 70/30

This RICH UNCLE SYSTEM will be delivered to you in DAYS.

There is a LIMITED NUMBER of Rich Uncle Systems available.

To be precise–we only have 3 of these EXCLUSIVE SYSTEMS available.

Once they’re gone, that’s it! No more will be available.

Don’t waste anymore time.

In order to CLAIM your inheritance, you must:

  • Invest in residential real estate in the Western US
  • Have a desire to make a lot of money to be able to retire
  • Have the killer instinct to run with this EXCLUSIVE opportunity

If you have these three things, then getting your RICH UNCLE to open up his wallet to YOU will be a cinch!

This RICH UNCLE PACKAGE includes the following:

  • Access to a specialized BIG PRIVATE EQUITY INVESTOR to get your deals funded – not only do you get direct access to this private investor who acts as your Rich Uncle but you will be extended up to $500,000 to purchase, fix and flip properties
  • single purpose entity structure in which the investments are structured as preferred return contractual equity investments.


That’s not all!!

We’re also giving you the following BONUSES:

BONUS #1 – The Complete Insiders Guide To Building Business Credit

This is a step-by-step guide on how you can get first class business credit in a matter of days. You will learn the insider secrets that only a select few know about.

This is the information that only the big money corporations know about. They want to keep it out of your hands to keep you from competing with them.

Now, with this exclusive information NEVER RELEASED BEFORE, you can be on equal footing with those big businesses that have deeper pockets than you–but not for long!

Learn how to get business credit with NO personal guarantee with rehab suppliers like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears, etc. Find out how to get your supplies and equipment on credit with NO personal guarantee. Not only do you have access to supply credit but this blueprint also outlines how you can get business loans and lines of credit with NO personal guarantee. Over ten years went into drafting this blueprint. ($3,000 value)

BONUS #2 – The Complete Real Estate Encyclopedia

This is what we like to call the Real Estate Investors Bible.

This premium resource is almost 1,500 pages on how to kick butt in the real estate investment industry.

You will learn about little known techniques and strategies on how to TRULY win in real estate investing.

You get ALL of this for only $9,997.00.

This is a small investment to receive an inheritance of $500,000 AND to have exclusive access to a RICH  UNCLE that will split the profits with YOU!!

Hurry! Only 3 are available.


  • NO MONEY out of your pocket
  • This private money investor will do JOINT VENTURES with you when you bring them a deal
  • You don’t have to be constrained with strict, traditional requirements — so NO tax returns, NO credit qualifying, NO income qualifying
  • Your deal gets funded100%!!!!
  • There are NO monthly payments because this is NOT A LOAN. There is NO debt service.
  • The joint venture split works in YOUR favor – 80/20, 70/30

This Exclusive System will NOT last long!

Only THREE will be able to get this.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

Don’t let someone else claim your inheritance!

Your Rich Uncle is looking for you……

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